Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sandbar Final Friday the Last Corona in a Can and DJ Toro's Birthday

Though we have never been a fan or Sandbar ,with it's crazy parking, at times slightly overboard security and cold corona in a can ,we couldn't miss the Friday night grand finale with the team of DJ Toro and MC Len.After all Sandbar was a unique location with a large out door space on the water looking at the backdrop of the New York City Skyline and two very large indoor though a bit light on the AC dance floors.

We have been following this team since the old Wednesday and Saturday parties at Taste lounge in Bloomfield ,both for NJ Venues and ArtChickphotos. At this point they operate like a well oiled machine with out the staleness of some of the more over rehearsed duo's . The continued give and take between the two and their audience is masterful. There is always a freshness and with DJ Toro continuing to improve with each set spinning a mix that attracts both a serious Hip Hop crowd and a lighter more commercial crowd that's spans musical genres while leaving the "lame wedding DJing " for someone else.

There is something about the energy they put out that can bring out the best in even the most hardened club goer. So after a great night we took a break and ordered one last corona in can just to make sure it was as bad as it had always seemed and yes like everything else about Sandbar our last cold one lived up to even our most discriminating expectations.

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