Thursday, February 16, 2012

Linsanity Sweeps New York

Linsanity Sweeps New York 
PJ Blogger

(NEW YORK- NEW YORK) New York Knick Jeremy Lin just scripted his most thrilling finish yet just in time for the Knicks’ longest homestand of the season.With the Knicks winning streak now at 7 its become what is now called pure Linsanity for the first of five straight games at Madison Square Garden.

Lin's success has even surprised some of his most ardent supporters starting the season sleeping on the couch wondering if his contract would be renewed .Lin's emergence has finally given spark to a team that frankly fans had given up on for years of lack luster lazy play. Now ticket prices at the Garden have skyrocketed . Leaving  fans more excited about the chemistry than anytime since the days of Willis Reed, Earl "the Peal" Monroe and Walt Frazier .

MSG ratings have surged as Lin has now turned the Knicks into must-see TV with ratings are up a whopping 87 percent .Linsanity may even finally bring and end to the MSG-Time Warner Cable war.Sellout crowds and congrats form the White House have left Lin humbled and the mild mannered Harvard graduate has continued in interview after interview to praise his teammates and coaches for a job well done.

The seasons early high hopes seemed to vanish into the same old Knicks but now fans are proclaiming the Knicks are back and with the slated return of Carmelo Anthony to join Lin and Stoudemire the players and fans are looking for big things from this team.