Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad Bwoy by Nat Senat

Bad Bwoy from Nat Senat on Vimeo.

Lots of you know I got a bit part for a music video.It was shot in the South Bronx and Brooklyn. I had never worked on anything like this before .No joke it took some long hours but the cast and crew were great to work with. This is a trailer I am afraid it doesn't contain any of my scenes but I am hopeful and looking forward to seeing this project done .

James Foytlin aka PJ Blogger

Hello everyone,
its been a long time a know. I hope everyone is enjoying what looks like a beautiful summer in the making. I appologize for this project taking so long. But some complications and some delayed shooting did not help the situation, but we are back on track. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you I did not abandon you at all, rather share with you a sneek peek of some raw scenes of the intro of the video. I will try to get the final product in hand as fast as my circumstances will allow me.

I hope you enjoy.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Connections, political donations and cocktail parties

A Tale of Bernie Maddoff....


So yes I have sold my practice, retired and a lot of you have voiced concern about weather I will continue with this blog. The answer is a resounding yes and I am going to start with a little story about Bernie Maddoff. As you know I have for most of this decade warned many of you that these financial wrong doings are never the solitary acts that the media and the industry want you to think they are. What we have with the Bennie Maddoff scandal is another example of how the rules that the rest of us go by don't seem to apply to certain people. Connections, political donations and cocktail parties as for most of this decade seem to out way professionalism and ethics. Wall Street in recent years has become a business where the customer's money has become the firm's money to do with as they see fit. Don't blame your local broker he or she is subject to the most stringent rules and requirements imangable but understand that people like Bernie operate outside those legal requirements that you and I are often subject too.

I only know what I read but misgiving about Mr. Maddoff surfaced as far back as the 1970's and a fairly large amount of suspicsion has been build up that last 12 years! Yes that's right heavy dought has been cast more than once in the last 12 years . Now Mr. Maddoff made off to a tune of 50 billion yes that's BILLION , about double what the auto industry was bailed out for. Seems his operation didn't pass the small test more than once, yet when notified the regulators sat on there hands or seemed unwilling to take on the challenge.

So here I will interject some of my own personal musings and many of you who know me personally will find this somewhat ironic. As it became clearer and clearer that I needed a change I began to shop around for a new clearing and compliance arrangement. One firm that shall remain nameless seemed like a pretty good fit to me but upon discussion they seem to have problem, not with this blog but with my other blog,"the Ridgewood blog". A blog in which soccer moms and dads argue as to the nuances of turf fields, math programs and the finer points of pedestrian etiquette while crossing the local streets. The very day the Madoff story broke and it became know that the likes of Eli Wisel, Yeshiva University and NYU had all fallen prey to this scoundrel to the combined tune of say 80 million .I was being blown off by a firm that was worried about negative fall out from the Ridgewood blog? And that my friends was the as they say the straw that broke the camels back and told me once and for all it was time to step aside and search for new ventures.

The moral to the story is that it appears that the regulators and the industry have consistently protected themselves and defend their unaccountability at the detriment to the investor class, while the investor is left with these words to the wise "if your over 18 everything I say to you could be a lie ".

and yes there will be a lot more to say on this subject for the next couple od weeks while the biggest scandle in US financial history unfolds.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Interview with Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan


So after a little phone tag I finally had an opportunity to sit down with Steve Lonegan and talk the campaign ,Chris Christie ,Governor Corzine and the New Jersey Supreme Court .What stuck me the most is that behind the visions of a tough veteran campaigner is a very passionate man that cares a lot about people .Our interview in the midst of a long day on the campaign trail was only interrupted by a call from his mom.

So I started with something that always bugs me How can a guy running against government subsidies ,take matching funds to run a political campaign ? You see ,he said and i paraphrase ,Corzine can reach into his pocket and take out $60 million bucks but my own mother can only give me around $3400 so either you have to lift the limits or I would be at a huge disadvantage in not take the matching funds.

I pressed him on why he thought he could really cut state spending and he assured me that cutting down and consolidating the number of departments in the state was very doable . He also reminded me that Pennsylvania one of the states New Jersey residents have been fleeing to ,has a flat tax so there was no reason we couldn't do it here. He pointed me to his record running Bogota and how he enacted similar cuts .The difference being on a state level you had to add more zeros .

This moved our conversation to Bogota and that it had only 8000 residents and I wondered if he thought that was a fair comparison to Trenton ? Again he reminded me and I know this to be true from running this blog ,that in Trenton you have a lot of room to hide but at a local level you are looking people in the eye everyday who you might be dramatically effecting their lives.

This moved us to an other issue it seems Steve has his work cut out for him not only does he have to compete against the deep pockets of Jon Corzine and the Democratic machine but he also has to fight the "chosen one" every Republicans favorite son Chris Christie and the extremely liberal Republican party in this state .
Abbott and COAH were next on the table for discussion and changing the extremely redistributive almost socialistic NJ Supreme Court (my words ). Steve once again reminded me that as Governor he will have the opportunity to appoint 4 new justices and he assured me that the there is a pool of traditional constitutional defending judges.

Finally he stated that he is far more optimistic in the future than I and that the chief threat to New Jersey's economy are the policies of Jon Corzine and in particular the very destructive policies of Barack Obama .

PJ Blogger

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Re Grand Opening of Surf Club 2009

So we waited all winter and neither rain nor snow was gonna keep me away for the re grand opening of Surf Club . To many of us the Summer starts with the first big Sunday House Party at Surf and ends with the last.We arrived around 3:30 ,having to pick up a stranded clubber on the way .The Mind Control crew was already in true form while everyone secretly hoped the sun would make a surprise appearance.

Opening day at Surf is a mixed affair ,the serious House crowd meets the Surf Club regulars all jockeying for the best spots at the bar closest to their favorite bar tenders .Some just stake out their turf on the dance floor so for the rest of the summer they have a spot to meet up with their crew. Its a tradition as long as anyone can remember ,even a lot of the non House crowd put in face time making the rounds hoping to meet up with some old friends or cozy up to their favorite adult beverage. We ran into one of our favorite deep disco DJ's and he too was as happy as we were to make to one more summer at Surf Club.

Its like coming home again after a long cold winter ,so here we were cameras in hand working the crowd and doing our own due diligence for this summers favorite elixir. There was that bartender from Avenue ,or our favorite red head or the many dynamic duos seemed to me everyone was there or at least there in spirit anyway .

We caught up with model Dani Uno ,we had been hoping to do a shoot with her but the cold rain washed away our visions of some early beach shots . The crowd was filled with the drama of old loves ,broken hearts and second chances all collided into one big party scene. ArtChick and I constantly texted each other to better coordinate the photographic attack or have the next drink waiting in the right spot.

As many of you know Summer 2008 at Surf was particularly memorable season punctuated by one huge rainbow ,in a summer were no rain touched those sandy beaches on any weekend all season . Not even the "Guido Beach" scandal could slow down the non stop party . So rain and all , not bad for a first day Summer 2009 here we go.


The Importance of Being Earnest


ArtChick and I had the opportunity to sit in on a dress rehearsal of the Benbokis Production of ,"The Importance of Being Earnest." at the Gene Frankel Theatre .The Oscar Wilde classic comedy about mistaken identity. Where two young English gentlemen use a seemingly small deception in an effort to escape unwelcome and dull social obligations. First there is Jack Worthing who has invented a decadent and wicked brother, Earnest, whom he uses as an excuse to leave for the country and visit the object of his affection, Gwendolyn, in London and, his friend Algy Montcrieff who assumes the name 'Earnest' when visiting Worthing's young and beautiful ward, Cecily, at his country home. The deception and mistaken idenity becomes discovered and threatens to unravel the best laid romantic plans of the four lovers. A game of social chess then ensues where old secrets and trust funds are revealed,family materes settled and lovers united .

There is nothing more satisfying than to watch someone who loves what they do ,do what they love. This very exceptional and energetic cast brings a freshness to this classic ,yet the original intent and the 19th century subtleness remain intact, with a slightly more airy contemporary feel.So fresh in fact that even though I had seen or read the play many times it came a cross so new I could hardly control my laughter.

The dialogue takes on a natural rhythm making the plays humor come alive in almost a TV sitcom feel but with no need for the unnecessary laugh track that so often signals when to laugh.There is an welcome absence of the usual gimmicks that so often degrade contemporary theaters attempted remakes of old classics clouding their intent. Neither is this some stale rendering or some hybrow master piece theater wannabe production ,this is real ,alive and this is now . It is contemporary yet classic at the same time and will bring a smile to your face and a very fun filled evening.

The very eclectic, international cast is as follows:

Ben Bergin as Algernon Moncrieff
Josh Padgett as John Worthing
Liz Curtis as Cecily Cardew
Caitlin Gold as Gwendolen Fairfax
Lauralee Nicole Reed as Lady Bracknell
Devin James Heater as Reverend Chasuble
Lara Zaluski as Miss Prism
Sebastian Croucher as Merriman/Lane

The entire cast are graduates of the two-year professional training program at the oldest theatre conservatory in America, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Other graduates include legends such as Lauren Becall, Robert Redford, Anne Bancroft and hundreds more (for full list see

Benbokis Productions is a new, dynamic theatre company based in New York City. It is headed by producing partners Ben Bergin and Liz Curtis, both graduates of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.

Benbokis Productions proudly presents Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy,this four-night run begins on Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 and concludes on Saturday, May 9th, 2009. All performances take place at 7:30 PM at the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street, NYC.

Doors open at 7:00 PM. Tickets are fifteen dollars. FREE refreshments will be provided. Please call or email at least one day in advance for reservations: 917.836.6575 or

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