Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RIP Gina Sachi Cody

RIP Gina Sachi Cody

I just learned that my friend died.  We weren’t very close but we got along great. We shared our passion for   nightlife photography.  She use to come out with me to lower east side’s Angel and Kings to practice shooting and learn from me.  From time to time she would call me for advice on camera’s to buy because she kept loosing her’s. She also lost her phone a number of times and I had difficulty getting ahold of her.  Today I thought to myself to reach out to her and see how’s she doing and suggest we go out to New York City and photograph today.  I didn’t know I was going to find out she OD’ed on October 31, 2010.   I didn’t know any of her friends or family so no one told me till I posted on her facebook page “hey we should catch up and hangout”.  I can’t believe her facebook page is still being posted on of people saying I miss you… and Happy Valentine’s day.  To me I thought she didn’t spend much time on their and she was very popular.  I had no clue  that facebook would continue after you die.  Either case now I learned something new and I’m very sad to know she is gone.
I miss my friend.  :(

I was surprised that the picture above that I took of her was use in her obituary .  I never thought I took of a friend would be used to remember her in death. This freaked me out.


  1. I am Gina's sister and just saw your blog post. I am sorry you didn't know of her death until now and I am sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Gina actually passed away in her sleep, there is no evidence that she OD'd so I would appreciate if you would leave that part out when you think of her or talk about her to other people.
    Her facebook page was memorialized as soon as she passed away. At first I thought we should remove it, but then started seeing all of the wonderful memories people shared on her wall and all of the nice thoughts they would leave. It is a wonderful tribute to her, especially since she was always on facebook and loved it so much.
    I wrote her obituary with a friend and used your photo because it showed her when she was happiest - with her camera. Thank you for taking such an amazing picture of her.
    if you would like to reach me you can find me on facebook.
    Again, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. It has been tough for us all.

  2. Hello , actually the photo was taken by ArtChick , she is some what famous as a photographer. ArtChick and I were friends with Gina and we both had no clue she was gone. This post was lifted from, some how the link was missing on this post.
    I didn't even know she had a sister , yikes !
    Its just very sad